// Going Back to Basics//

Recently, I have been brushing up my programming skills on Objective-C. I have been learning from the people of Stanford University through iTunes U. I just go through with the lectures and activities that is presented on a video. They are really good!

Here’s a sample snippet that i wrote which displays my root folder and breaking it into components.

void PrintPathInfo() {
	NSString *path = @"~";
	NSLog(@"My home folder is at '%@'", [path stringByExpandingTildeInPath]);
	NSArray *components = [[path stringByExpandingTildeInPath] pathComponents];
	for(NSString *element in components) {
		NSLog(@"%@", element);

I have been learning also about IBOutlets and IBActions, their relationship between each other; the headers and implementation files that it was written; and, doing it programatically or using Interface Builder!

I would be posting more snippets and screenshots later while i go through with the class. :)